A Brand New Smile Dental Giveaway


We are thrilled to share with you some of our amazing success stories, here are some of the lovely folks who have been nominated and won a visit from THE TOOTH FAIRY and a brand new smile.


Check out their individual stories and the before and after on some of the deserving honorees.


Paralyzed Army Veteran Lee doesn't let paralysis keep him from standing tall. 

A deeply adored family man and we are told an excellent Chef.


Lee’s wife wrote to us asking that we give her husband his smile back. 


We are grateful and inspired to help give this Honored Veteran, loving Husband, and beloved Father the new chompers to do some damage to those delicious culinary creations. Save a plate for us Lee!!

STEVIE shares two firsts for us. He was our first celebrity nomination and our first fly-in,


Wisconsin native Stevie is truly an original and after meeting him we can all say this man's spirit is indomitable.


Suffering from a bad dental situation, Stevie hit the internet to seek out a solution. Searching for a hand up, not a handout his tenacity and perseverance, grabbed the attention of Jackass Star Steve-O who nominated Stevie for THE TOOTH FAIRY.

We are grateful for Stevie his story was so inspiring it has expanded our network and will allow us to help so many others. 

CHRISTIAN suffers from epilepsy. 

He had a seizure that caused a car accident.


Thankfully no one was gravely injured but he lost his front teeth to the steering wheel.


Described as “A hard-working Dude", his efforts go to support his family with nothing extra for dental work. His cousin wrote to us describing how his confidence had suffered was affecting his life on the whole.

We were honored to be given the opportunity to give Christian his smile and confidence back. 
Onward and upward Christian!


BOBBI was our first "un"-official THE TOOTH FAIRY Honoree. She helped to solidify our mission and set the tone for more to come.Fraught with the stigmas associated with bad teeth as well as a healthy fear of dentists Bobbi let her dental situation deteriorate over the course of her adult life. Now her smile is as bright as they come!


What struck us about JARED was his sister Jessie's nomination. Describing him, she used the term “Badass” several times: a hard-working guy adored by those who know him. 


Jared’s dental situation is like many people. The affordability of dentistry was out of reach for him.


We here at  DRILLED w/ Dr. Brady fight for the everyman.

Jared works hard & plays hard and does his best to be the best person he can be. 


Sounds pretty BADASS to us!







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